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European Type Trench Boxes


Less pavement repair and lower removal costs

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355 MPa Steel Sheet Piles


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Main Products

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Sheet Piles

U750 Sheet Piles
U750 Sheet Piles

750mm wide profiles, in 355 MPa steel.

Starting from R$ 228,00 monthlyView Prices
U800 Sheet Piles
U800 Sheet Piles

Suitable for heavy-duty applications, in deep ditches, baggers, lifting stations and maritime works.

Starting from R$ 510,00 monthlyView Prices
U600 Sheet Piles
U600 Sheet Piles

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Starting from R$ 155,00 monthlyView Prices

Trench Boxes

Light Trench Box
Light Trench Box

Designed to work with Retro Excavators

Starting from R$ 2.100,00 monthlyView Prices
Heavy Trench Box
Heavy Trench Box

Agility when working with excavators

Starting from R$ 3.180,00 monthlyView Prices
Depth Extensors
Depth Extensors

Safe work up to 5.20m deep

Starting from R$ 1.600,00 monthlyView Prices

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Tech Material

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